Down payments are a minimum of €50 and a maximum of €100 depending on the tattoo, these are non-refundable. This downpayment can only be used by the person making the appointment. We do not send reminders about incomplete payments! So make sure you check your email to avoid any disappointments. We will reserve your given date of appointment for 24hrs.  No down payment = no appointment.






You can cancel your session free of charge 48hrs before your appointment. If you cancel on the same day you will lose your down payment. If for some reason I have to cancel on the same day I will always make sure to compensate on your next session. Cancel or reschedule your appointment by email only:

 Your down payment will be valid for another 6 months to book in a new date.






Designs are shown on the day of your appointment. Because of the large volume of clients it is not possible to send you your design any sooner. There will always be enough time to make some changes. Make sure your email is complete and has a clear description of what you want so I can make the best design possible for you.






The first touch up is always free of charge. You can mail me any time to book in a touch up appointment, also when bookings are closed. 






All contact about your appointment is by e-mail or whatsapp only.

 DM's will be answered but best way to send a email or whatsapp. 

This way we have all our information in 1 place.







- You have to be at least 18 years old to get tattooed
- It is not possible to bring friends or family to your appointment. All sessions are 1 on 1.
- If you are running late please email to let me know. If you are more than 15 minutes late without any notice, I have the right to reschedule.
- Cash payments are prefered, but payment via bank transfer is possible as well (tikkie)







Please go to the frequently asked questions page for more information.